The ins & outs of Taxes

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This applies to all clients, individual or company.
note: Evers Hosting is based in the Netherlands and is under the EU law.

Companies/Individuals outside EU:

Electronic services (e.g.: web hosting, domain, design,…) for anyone outside the EU are exempt from taxation.


Companies inside the EU

Electronic services to EU companies are exempt from taxation only if the VAT Identification Number of the client(company) is stated on the Evers Hosting invoice.
If applicable, please update your company details here (login required):


Individuals inside the EU:

Our services are taxed with the Dutch VAT (21%) for all individuals inside the EU.
Unlike 99.99% of other web hosters, our prices include taxes, so no surprises when you checkout.


By default our invoices state the amount of taxes. Anyone outside the EU can disregard this safely.

Should you have any questions, please contact us through our form.


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