Set up Gmail to access email from your hosting account

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  1. Select settings from inside your Gmail accountgmail-step1
  2. Go to the Accounts and Import tabgmail-step2
  3. Click Add a POP3 mail account you owngmail-step3
  4. Enter your domain’s email address and click Next
  5. Enter your POP3 information for your domains email address in the form. Click Add Account.

    The server does not accept PLAIN text passwords to be send without a secure SSL connection. Copy the settings from the image for POP server, Port and tick the Always use a secure connection

  6. If you do not want to send mail using this account through Gmail, click the No You don’t  need to follow the next steps.
  7. Enter your Name.Click Next Step.
  8. On the Send mail through your SMTP server page, fill in your SMTP Server, Username (full email address), and Email Password. Then, click Add Account.
    The SMTP server is the same as the POP server:
    Port: 465
  9. Now, Gmail will send a verification code to the address you just added. Check your domains email for a message Gmail sent you. You can use webmail for this.

    Click the link in the email, or Enter the code into the text box of the Gmail setup, and click Verify

    The End

    A little help setting up an account is right here:

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