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How do I switch to Evers Hosting from my current host?

If needed, Evers Hosting can transfer your existing site to our servers for free. Any other sites you want to move can also be taken care of by us for a small fee per site using the Site Transfer Add-on. The latter only applies to existing customers that want to add another domain to their existing package – A so called add-on domain.

Should you decide to buy another package transferring will be free of charge again!

This also applies to a Blogspot website, transformed by Evers Hosting into a WordPress website.

Any other change of script (i.e. WordPress to Joomla) will be charged as a website design add-on because of a total rebuild.

Switching hosts in a nutshell

It is possible to change hosts without experiencing any interruption to your site/email service.  Best results are usually achieved by following these steps.

Leave your hosting with your current provider in place until you’ve completed all steps:
1.  Signup for an Evers Hosting account. During signup, choose the “I will update my own nameservers” option in regard to your domain.
2.  Using the temporary server info provided in your signup email. Upload your web files to our servers.
3.  Login to the control panel and create email accounts that correspond with your accounts at your existing host.
4.  Login to your domain account with your domain registrar. Point your domain to:

  • DNS differs per account, please check your e-mail or contact us.

Because domain changes can take 2 – 48 hours to filter down through the internet, during this time period you may receive some mail at your old host.

5.  Next, update your mail application to utilize Evers Hosting’s mail servers as by now, this is where all of your mail will be received. The mail server info was mailed to you when you signed up.
6.  Terminate your hosting account at your old provider.

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