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Your own private cloud solution – Your files in your hands!

Evers Hosting is proud is offer a new way of cloud hosting: iliCloud.

“i-love-it Cloud” inspired by the Latin word ‘ilico’ meaning ‘media’

You will be hosted on our fast and high availability servers located in the Netherlands.

Are you using: DropBox, iCloud, Google Storage, Wuala or something similar? Read why you should start using iliCloud!

A new way of storing, online editing and sharing files. iliCloud lets you access all your music, photos, documents and other files from any computer with an Internet connection – and even from your iPhone, iPad or Android phone. Synchronization of your files is automatic, and it keeps a backup of your data while maintains the highest level of safety using SSL connections and government level encryption.

Your files are kept on secure servers in a high availability cloud with a 100Gbs connection pipe.

Access your files Anytime, Anywhere

Ever had to send a file to an impatient client but you’re just enjoying a break in the park? While you’re on the phone, select the file and send it. Your clients are going to be very pleased!

All your files together in one place, across platforms and devices. Instead of having your data scattered over multiple devices, iliCloud collects all your important files in one place where they always are safely stored and accessible from your computer, your iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone.

you do need internet access so make sure your mobile has a flat-rate plan, otherwise there might be extra charges on the next phone bill.

Stream Media to all your mobile devices

You can stream your entire music collection to your computer but also to your iPhone, iPad or Android phone. This means that wherever you are, you always have your favorite music, pictures and videos at your fingertips. And since it’s streamed that means you won’t have to wait for a download; it starts playing immediately!

If you want to, you can automatically upload a picture that you just took with your phone or tablet. Snap! …and it uploads safely without any extra user’s actions to your online drive ready for editing on your comfortable big screen at home.

Share files and folders Easily and Securely

No more emailing! The vast majority of email clients have a maximum filesize for attachments (Gmail for instance is 10MB) And who wants to go through the hassle of uploading it to an online storage first?

With iliCloud you just select the file or folder, jot down the address of the recipient and SEND.

Online Backup

iliCloud can automatically synchronize your local data. This way you have a copy of your data that is kept constantly updated and serves as an online backup (which in return is also backed up). The latest version of your files is always available wherever you first saved it. Your data is stored securely, whether your computer crashes or you lose your mobile phone. This requires an extra piece of software to be installed on all your devices. These are provided in the download section!


Version control keeps track of different versions of your files. This means that you do not have to worry about from what device you most recently edited a file.


All data is encrypted before it is placed in the iliCloud online drive. Data is server-side encrypted with an AES-CBC 128-bit encryption key. With server-side encryption, you have great flexibility because besides having access to your private data from your computer(s), Android phone or iPhone/iPad you also can access all your data via any browser.

No liability to U.S. laws

We offer an alternative to individuals as well as companies who simply don’t feel at ease with U.S. storage providers and who are worried about what may happen to their data. Currently the only way to host on non-U.S. governed grounds is to rent your own space with European hosts and install your own software primarily capable of managing files…or use a NAS at home connected to the internet.

We use the open source owncloud.

Your private cloud, your own logo, theme & colors

To further improve the feel we can change the look and feel of your private cloud. Use your own logo, colors and layout.

iliCloud is not an automated installation, so please allow up to 12 hours to setup.

Standard Features:





free account





$ for 1 GB/yr





·         All your files in one place
·         Mount external storage (DropBox, Amazon S3, FTP, GoogleDrive, SMB, WebDAV)
·         Simple, powerful sharing
·         File versioning
·         Online video player
·         Integrated RSS reader
·         Simultaneous editing of files with timeline
·         Edit your files online, without downloading first
·         Integrated Photo Galery
·         Intergrated music player
·         Contact with CardDAV
·         Calendar with CalDAV
·         Bookmarks directly from your manager
·         Files Drag & Drop
·         ODF viewer
·         Tasks application
·         Files & folder move support

Order base account with 2GB of space for $1/month. Use the storage add-on the buy more GB’s at $0.79 for every GB.

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